1. Navigate to People>Faculty http://www.math.neu.edu/people/filter/Faculty (or whatever section your profile belongs to), find user thumbnail click on name or picture. This should take you to personal page where you find the link "For authorized members only.Please click this link if you want to edit your user account."

2. Login using your username and password. If not provided with one please contact Jason Ribeiro at ribeiro.j@neu.edu or follow the instructions by clicking "Create new account".


3. After being logged in click "Account" in case username/password/email need to be changed or click "Profile" in case personal page(public information) needs to be changed.


4. Account changes are not recommended unless it is a password change. Don't forget to click "Save" after changes have been done.

5. Profile changes should be in accordance to general standards. Please follow this instructions while altering your public information.




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