Initial Setup

How do I login at to do things like change my picture, edit my profile information, or create new events?

Click the "Request new password" tab and use the e-mail address in your profile.

How do I obtain a username and password so that I can manage a personal site like

E-mail both <jason.ribeiro+logininrequest AT gmail DOT com> and <t.sherman AT neu DOT edu>. Please change your password as soon as you can.

Okay, I know my username and password. How do I login through ssh?

The hostname is and ssh is running on the standard port, port 22.

If you just want to copy files, Fugu is a nice client for OS X and WinSCP is a nice client for Windows.

If you want to log into the server (for example, to change your password): On OS X, use and execute ssh On Windows, use Putty.

I have logged in through ssh. How do I change my password?

Use the passwd command.

Getting Things Done

Where do my html files go and what permissions should they have so that they are accessible at ?

The directory public_html in your Home directory will correspond to For example, if you create /home/USERNAME/public_html/index.html, that is what people will see when they visit

Apache is running as www-data:www-data. For security reasons, I have not made users members of the www-data group (though this may be overly cautious on my part and I am reconsidering this). The www-data group has executable permissions on your home directory (through ACLs). So to make sure www-data can read your data in public_html just make sure files are world-readable and directories are both word-readable and word-executable. If none of this makes sense, don't worry, anything you drop in public_html should be accessible by default.

Since you are using a case-sensitive filesystem, are the URLs also case-sensitive?

Yes, however CheckSpelling and CheckCaseOnly from the mod_speling module has been enabled for files in /home/*/public_html.

Can I use a .htaccess?

"AllowOverride FileInfo AuthConfig Limit Indexes" describes what you are allowed to override :) If you need to override something else, e-mail both <jason.ribeiro+logininrequest AT gmail DOT com> and <t.sherman AT neu DOT edu>.

Getting More Help

Who can I contact for more help?

<jason.ribeiro+loginrequest AT gmail DOT com> and <t.sherman AT neu DOT edu>

How do I ask a question?

Press "edit" near the top of the page and ask your question at the bottom like this one.

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